Founded in 2009, ALZRC designed RC helicopter,manufacturing upgrade parts and common parts at the beginning.After launching the first independent RC helicopter in 2010,up to date,brand products have been covered by RC helicopter, RC motorcycle, handheld gimbal, racing aircraft and others.

The brand name ALZRC comes from the reasoning on Intermediate value theorem,which means this brand starts from zero, never forget the original intention.


When the RC helicopter market was taken by major brands in 2007, most of products were well-performing,best-selling but too expensive. The founder of “ALZRC”, a model aircraft enthusiasts,joined a group of model aircraft fans because of the earlier FuLi model store. At first, to meet fans’ need in RC helicopter, founder design some upgraded and modified heli parts irregularly.

In 2009, due to the continuous accumulation of modified parts,the founder seize the opportunity ,founded 'ALZRC' brand in Guangzhou,aimed at the launch of the RC helicopter upgraded and modified parts originally.

Although ALZRC’s heli parts perform not so good as those well-known brands, it was accepted quickly by fans because of the high performance-to-price ratio so that the brand can establish a solid foundation for the future development.

“Be in here,just the beginning”is the slogan of ALZRC.It is just like the start-up path of this niche brand, keep walking forward, a small step by another small step until now.


2009 to 2010, the appearance of ALZRC promote the market expansion. With the development of techniques, the first independent helicopter of “the devil” series - Devil 450 was launched in early 2010. It arouse the widespread interest in the field of RC model, was sold an unexpected number and kick off the time of complete machine.

In late 2010, although ALZRC was known for the price advantage in the industry, precision of products was a bug. In order to improve the manufacturing techniques and products quality,the founders decided to move products production to the workshop of the world - Dongguan city.

Technology is upgrading, ALZRC grasped market opportunities and launched the devil series models in a few short years.The merchandising techniques had been improved to higher level than before especially Devil 450 Pro series.

In 2012, Devil 480 Fast showed up with new original packing design and language, that is not only the classic of the year, but also the foundation for the shape design of “devil” series. Until late 2013, Devil 465 was launched,as entirely a new product, it sales better for better quality, while meeting fans’ expectations.

The rise of the racing aircraft stimulated RC helicopter market. When other manufacturers got out of the market, “ALZRC” never forget the original intention, insist to research and development, released Devil series 380 fast flagship model in late 2015. New architecture,better technology, some of the imported parts were added in this helicopter for the general public.

Up to now, both the popular market and the customer approval have proved that ALZRC will go farther and farther.


Before 2010, because of difficulty to control and simple structure, RC motorcycle is only a kind of niche product in RC model field. The majority of motorcycle products at that time are just continuing the design idea of old brand merchandisers. Either the texture or the design can't keep up with the times. ALZRC designer is a crazy RC motorcycle amateur. The exhaustion of the market and several years of refitting experience make him come up with an idea to develop a kind of motorcycle with a new structure. That can carry up the latest technology and it will be developed as a formal project in the middle of 2010.

From 2011 to 2013, although it is a little bit difficult to design, the whole motorcycle structure is basically finished by the constant develop and finally positioning its proportion to 1:10, which is the vacancy of market. In the last third of the month in 2013, the first project sample motorcycle is made. It not only owns the whole metal body satisfactory performance and refitting room it's delicacy from small proportion body structure but also is very different from the former products.

Although its coming into being makes the team very happy, its final sample cost exceed much the original budget.

From 2013 to 2015, in order to lower the product cost, the team altered some body details based on keeping the important design. And body texture also use parts of imported materials to guarantee the customers' experience. Finally by numerous quality and performance's tests, as suppliers of every component basically confirmed, the manufacturing is basically confirmed in the last third of the month in 2015.

The summer in 2016, ALZRC will take its "RIDER" which is the first 1:10 RC motorcycle to unveil in Shanghai.


In 2014, Racing aircraft brought a new market, good shooting effect strongly stimulate consumers’ senses. Therefore, another photography market in the field - go pro handheld gimbal was excavated.

Handheld gimbal is always equipped with SLRs professional shooting tools. Due to the rise of go pro and racing aircraft, some of the photographers think that the UAV has limitations, so modified the small gimbal to handheld state. Handheld gimbal Not only ensure the shooting effect, but also has the advantages of portability, the most important factor is cheaper. Some manufacturers seized the opportunity to design small handheld gimbal for go pro.

In early 2015, ALZRC found that handheld gimbal Market is growing rapidly and in the market this kind of products had some bugs, so designers began to do market research and product research for handheld gimbal.

In late 2015, after investigation and other preparation for months, design team ultimately created a product of the combination of shape and function, and released element series of handheld gimbal in Shanghai.Although that is the conceptual sample, its unique and humanized design won the public praise.

So far, the product is constantly researching and improving. Be in here, just the beginning.


Since the aerial UAV made a world tide,too many cheap UAV has made by toy manufacturers.This kind of UAV for the children get into the mass market with low performance, low price and smaller size.

However, both two are unable to meet fans’ demand. In 2014, a high-speed, small, well performance,four axis UAV was borned,it was named racing aircraft.

The racing aircraft not only can be modified, but also can be equipped with camera and transmission equipment,you just need to wear FPV (first person visual experience) glasses, you can experience the interesting view. Both domestic and abroad merchandising racing aircraft for their self-owned brand and sponsors held flying competition to make the market more popular.

After a year of research and development, In the summer of 2016, Mr.Q, ALZRC’s racing aircraft show up in Shanghai.

Named from the design of its single camera, Mr.Q is powerful and energetic with ordinary appearance like a super hero.
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